Voyle Glover's appearance on Active Christian Media

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But some interesting things revealed nonetheless.

Rather than a call in format, they probably should have a more organized interview of Glover, Linda Hyles, the 100% for Hyles guy, etc. Maybe let Glover do the interviewing. It seems these folks had more that needed to be said but due to the nature of the program, weren't able to get their whole point across.

Don Johnson
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I listened to just a little more than 20 min - I had to stop because I was called away.

What I found interesting:

  • First the idea (technology) of basically hosting a "radio" show on the Internet. I'm surprised more don't do this.
  • The callers in kind of came across as "rubes" (harsh ... but my view)
  • The guy who came up with the "100% Hyles" pin - I found that interesting
  • Also the same guy who said that Schaap walked out on him at lunch when he brought up Glover's book 
  • Glover saying that he saw his book was selling used on Amazon for $ 800 and saying it wasn't worth that much. 

A brief comment about V Glover saying someone had been in his house (a break-in) (as reported by his daughter): There's no way of knowing if it was connected to the publication of his book

Don's comment on the poor production quality is about right.