NAE, PCA and Biologos: a new pro-evolution alliance?

“In addition to the fact that the best known pastor in the PCA, Dr. Tim Keller, is hosting these BioLogos workshops and is calling for pastors to promote the BioLogos view, the Stated Clerk of the PCA, Dr. L. Roy Taylor is the Chairman of the Board of the NAE.” Connecting the Dots

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what conclusion would you come to in this area? Seriously, I just think that sometimes we forget our working presuppositions when it comes to hermeneutics. It seems clear that Israel, as the original recipients of the Pentateuch accepted what is now called the young earth creation position of 6 consecutive 24 hour days. Doesn't the stoning of the man who was gathering the firewood on Sabbath give evidence to this fact that they understood Gen. 1 and Ex. 20 in this way? Furthermore, are we going to continue to abandon the presupposition that special revelation is in fact the most authoritative when there is a difference between itself and general revelation? Sigh ...


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What we've got on our hands is failure to work out the relationship between Scripture and science that goes back centuries. It's kind of coming to a head. Biologos goings on have really acted as a catalyst. People are going to have to think through, as you say, their basic hermeneutic, but also whether science serves theology or theology serves science--and what that means in practical terms. It's really going to be a major dividing line, I think.

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Aaron, Unfortunately, I think you are right. I had not really thought about which one serves the other, but I am rather convinced that one function of the Pentateuch is the correction of worldview that existed at the time the Israelites are formed into God's nation. Prevailing cultures all had their legends of beginning, as well as many having flood legends. Into this historical context then, God gives His people the authoritative, corrected understanding of the beginning, explaining cause and effect from the fall, through the flood, tower, and family legacy, so that Israel is the one nation on the entire planet which has the "authoritative" world history. While I have never done an exhaustive study in church history in this area, I am wondering if the church had ever struggled to accept at face value the opening salvo of Scripture prior to Darwin.  

The nature of God would require that both sources of his revelation to man, natural and special, be complementary and not contradictory, it would seem. The struggle will be the interactions of imperfect human interpreters with that revelation.

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...when you consider that for many years "the best known pastor in the PCA" was the late Dr. D. James Kennedy.

(Another was the late Dr. Bruce Dunn.)

I put Tim Keller in the class of wannabee "Christian leaders" who are not anywhere close to the caliber of men like Kennedy or Dunn, but instead lean far too heavily on the influence of the culture rather than simply, but boldly and eloquently, proclaiming God's Holy Word.

With the elder generation dying off, there are not people of the same quality to replace them, in many cases.

May God help us!

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