Group vows to reverse New Jersey’s reparative therapy ban


NT just outlawed all therapy aimed at helping individuals overcome unwanted same-sex attraction. Liberty Counsel aims to end the ban.

Do they know?

I fully admit I am not very educated on this topic, however, I did happen to watch a couple hours of the recent Exodus International conference live streaming (which is no longer an organization).  I watched interviews and personal testimonies about the reparative therapy.  First of all, the isolation and abandonment that people with same sex attraction deal with is very profound, especially among Christians and more specifically at churches.  Some might say they deserve it, they are in sin.  But what about the ones who don't want to have those same-sex feelings and want to live godly lifestyles?  Those are the stories that left me in tears after hearing the testimonies.  People who wanted to change their sexual orientation, put in the hours and effort, put themselves in accountability relationships, went on emotional roller coaster rides, thought they were healed, relapsed, shame/guilt, forgiveness/repentance, only to repeat the pattern.  We heard on the live stream that some committed suicide after this tumultuous cycle.  Frankly, what I heard at this conference of reparative therapy is appalling.  Keep in mind, Exodus International was committed to do things the godly way.  

I wonder how many people are aware that part of reparative therapy is showing someone porn in order to try to stimulate heterosexual attraction?  If this is the kind of reparative therapy they are talking about, I have serious concerns.

Wouldn't that kind of therapy be illegal (showing porn) if you are talking about counseling minors? 

Sign me,

Not a Fan of Reparative Therapy


The Problem

Julie has identified the problem here. One man's "reparative therapy" is another man's abuse. This law criminalizes biblical counseling! For the homosexual community, telling a minor that he must repent of homosexual behavior and forsake it is child abuse. Certainly well meaning people have done dumb things. Conscientious physicians at one time tried to bleed the "ill humors" from patients by cutting them. This law does not solve that problem.

This is another example of why biblical counselors should avoid, as much as possible, using the world's jargon. We do not provide "therapy" of any kind, reparative or otherwise, when we counsel.

Donn R Arms

Crushing research

I agree with Julie Anne regarding some of the very odd practices in regard to reparative therapy.  The more I've read about it, even from those who advocate it, it seems foolish and rooted in secular behavioral modification.  Yes, I think at times it is abusive and destructive.  I used to lead a Bible study made up mostly of believers with same-sex attraction issues.  I would hate to think of any of those folks going through these therapies.

But I am aware of many therapies that are equally foolish and destructive, but are still practiced.  I have a dear woman in my church who has suffered cruelly from electro-shock therapy.  I thought that went out decades ago!  Nope. Still practiced. The professionals really don't know how to solve a multitude of problems.  They're guessing.  Of course, we know their worldview often prevents them from even approaching the real issue. 

That said, this broad law is abominable. It effectively shuts down all research on treating homosexuality, even when the psychological community still doesn't know what causes same-sex attraction.  Can they cure pedophilia? No.  Should they stop trying?  I hope not. This law is created out of sheer political correctness, not the welfare of those who have this perverse disorder.  What about the person who doesn't want to be a homosexual?  The only approved therapy is saying: "Tough luck. Accept yourself."  Any professional who thinks this is not enough, and wants to understand and deliver people from same-sex attraction, is now officially shut down.  That's not good or right at any level.


Wayne is right, almost. Remember, this law applies only to counseling minors.

Donn R Arms

Donn R Arms wrote: Wayne is

Donn R Arms wrote:

Wayne is right, almost. Remember, this law applies only to counseling minors.

Don, you're right, of course.  But the law has the effect of demonizing anyone who wants to research therapy for same-sex attraction.  I doubt there will be legitimate efforts to pursue change once this sort of law is in place.  Can you imagine any Journal of Psychology publishing work on changing orientation? 

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