How to Miss the Point: A Guide to Dimwitted Discourse

“…when you miss the point, you open up a fallacy-filled wonderland where conversation and emotions are set free to frolic! If you wish to dispense with the authoritarian laws of logic… and transcend the boundaries of social courtesy, then here are some suggestions for you to try on your entirely subjective journey.”

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There's a lot of insight in this post. Often funny because it's only too true.

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to spawn unending, unproductive rabbit trails-

2. Don't accept the author or speaker's own definitions of his terms.
For instance, if someone is using the term "idealist" to mean a person who has lofty goals, you could show off your philosophical prowess and point out that he has gotten philosophical idealism (something else entirely) all wrong. It would also be fun to attack a Lutheran who believes in Christian orthodoxy  (small "o") for being a closet Orthodox Christian!