NARAL calls distribution of fetal models at the North Dakota State Fair "extreme and unsettling"

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Anyone notice how the recent prince born in Great Britain was universally called "the royal baby" as soon as the pregnancy was known?  One might have supposed that liberal ideology would have dubbed him "the royal fetus" or "the royal collection of cells" until he was born.  Hmmm.

G. N. Barkman

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to be honest, though, that fetal model doesn't represent a 12-week fetus very well. it should look more like this:

i am not trying to deny any embryonic/fetal humanity, but it doesn't really help the cause when pro-life groups try to get people's sympathy by misrepresenting.

if the pro-life group really wants to say that zygotes/embryos/fetuses are all human and deserve full protection, they actually need to make an argument that convinces people and not just show misleading pictures so you agree because you think it looks like such a cute little baby.