Chick-fil-A's "pervasive Christian traditionalism" "infiltrates" NYC

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Frankly, I never thought I'd read in my lifetime a piece of such boldfaced bigotry published in a mainstream and highly-regarded media outlet.

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Another typical writeup where the left espouses their willingness for acceptance of all people aligned with a demand for all others to follow and when you don't you are astrocized.  The hypocrisy is always telling.

What is even funnier is that Chik-fil-A goes further than most any restaurant that I have seen to be kind, courteous and helpful to anyone from any walk in life.  They take the abuse and still turn with a smile to assist.  They hire people of all races, creeds and orientations, yet just because they hold to a religious conviction they are abused.  

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Of course we know that Chic-Fil-A's board meetings are all about how to "infiltrate" and "proselytize" NYC. Bwa-ha-ha-haaaaaa....

"The wicked flee when no one pursues." Proverbs 28:1

Honestly, the service at BK, McD's, etc. rises and falls based on whoever's working that day. Sometimes it's good friendly service; sometimes you get someone who can barely open his mouth to talk to you. But I've found Chic-Fil-A to have pretty consistent quality service, the few times that we go out to each, usually on road trips.

Michael Osborne
Philadelphia, PA

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From this and the article itself, one would think terrorists or some other hostile entity were invading America’s Big Apple, not that a restaurant famous for its fried chicken sandwiches had opened another location. The vitriol toward a company a Christian founded highlights just how much progressives hate Christianity.