The Real War on Women

I was thinking about this the other day, pondering how it’s possible that both the president of the United States and the House of Representatives support sex-selection abortion.

I was thinking about how it’s possible that not only could they support such a thing, but how the news cycle could move on so quickly from something so tragic.

Rep. Smith went on to highlight the work that the pro-life group Live Action has been doing to bring to light some of the more horrendous practices of Planned Parenthood. In one particular sting operation, a representative of the abortion provider instructs a woman, who says she doesn’t want a girl, to wait until her preborn baby is developed enough in order to determine its gender. She’s told that at five months she’ll know – and could then abort the baby.

When Planned Parenthood was confronted with a tape of the chilling conversation, a spokesperson was unapologetic. “No Planned Parenthood clinic will deny a woman an abortion based on her reasons for wanting one,” she responded, “except in states that explicitly prohibit sex-selection abortions.”

In other words, there is no condition or issue too small to justify an abortion. Hair or eye color? How about skin tone? It would appear that Planned Parenthood would have no objection to a woman aborting a baby for any or all of those reasons. In fact, Live Action has even recorded various Planned Parenthood clinics eagerly accepting donations targeted specifically for the abortion of African-American babies.

The Real War on Women

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