The Ten Commandments of Ipad Preaching

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I don't know if I will ever try that but I can see a lot of benefit to having messages in Evernote so if a pastor were to be asked to preach he could just pull one up.

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In the pulpit I use a leather Bible and a leather clad PC Tablet. I've come to really appreciate the tablet for various reasons, though it's not without potential problems. Last month I was speaking at a church on a missions trip. I had finished my introduction and had thumbed down to the next page. Then I switched to my Bible to read the passage. As my eye came near the bottom of the page, I tried to thumb up the text to get to the next verses. I tried several times before I remembered that I was reading a printed page.  No one else noticed, except perhaps a bemused angel.

M. Scott Bashoor Happy Slave of Christ

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No. 11 — leave your iPad in your bag when speaking in a foreign country where the average listener makes in two months what you paid for the iPad.