Shall We Preach the Gospel or Morality? Part Two: Natural Virtue and Common Grace

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This is one of the most splendid pieces of writing Kevin Bauder has ever done. Kudos Kevin Bauder! I doubt if it will happen, but this article ought to be required reading for every theology student in every evangelical seminary in N. America. It also ought to be read by every evangelical pastor. So many argue about this matter with arguments half-thought through. This one encompasses the entire biblical thought about challenging unbelievers to do the right thing.

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I've often struggled to communicate to anti-moralists why right and wrong always matter, regardless of whether one is converted. This series helps. Looking forward to more.

Especially appreciated this sequence...

The law of gravity breaks the person who defies it. In the same way, God’s moral law will break the people who defy it—and break them in the present order, not merely in some eschatological judgment. No one rejects morality with impunity, not even here and now.

Since God’s moral law has been worked into His creation, it can be known—however partially and fallibly—through general revelation. In other words, special revelation is not at all a necessary condition of morality.

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