Defense of Marriage Act Provision Struck Down by Top Court

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Circles do SO have corners and anyone who says different is a backward bigot who must be brought to heel.

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I'm not really that surprised. The DOMA was discriminatory and unconstitutional. This is not to say that I did not personally agree with the DOMA...merely that I questioned its legality.

The amazing part is that tomorrow Christ will still be King and we will still have a mission to fulfill.

I just pray that all of us will handle this with grace. Hatred of sin should never translate to hatred of sinners or hateful speech. Homosexuals need Jesus...and they don't often listen when we're carrying signs.


*Piling on will commence in 3...2...1...?

May Christ Be Magnified - Philippians 1:20 Todd Bowditch

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A couple thoughts on the SCOTUS rulings today:

1 - I think it was a victory (in both cases) for equal treatment under the law.
2 - I think it was a victory for limited government.
3 - I think it was a victory (in both cases) for federalism and states' rights.
4 - I think that a flat tax would have fixed much (not all) of the issues.
5 - I wish governments would get out of the marriage business completely.
6 - Fellow Christians, I agree with many of you that the traditional family is worth defending. So let's agree to help each other put down that bottle of brandy. Let's agree to control our anger so that we don't mistreat our wives and children. Let's agree to protect ourselves and our families from the sewage that is so pervasive on the internet and the TV. Let's strengthen our families in our churches, and in private prayer and spiritual instruction. Let's live as a light in the world. Instead of trying to use the blunt hammer of the law to force our fellow man to live the way we thing he should live, let's be the kind of people that others want to be around, that others feel like seeking out in hard times. And then let's always be ready to give an answer for the reason for the hope that lies within.

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...legitimizing same sex "marriage" is perpetrating a fraud.  In any sense of the word marriage in any culture it does not construe a same-sex partnership, and its natural impossibility to produce offspring categorical disproves it being considered a family unit.

One of the very few biblical principles of government is to protect the populace from fraud, an epic fail at every level in the same sex marriage debate.  Our government, among others, is proactive in promoting fraud, which de-legitimizes it at practically every level.

Time to come to grips that we live in a thoroughly pagan, God-hating society, focus on occupying until He comes, and give up on the silly notion of saving America.


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A Gay Marriage Muddle - Even the dissenters aren't sure what the majority is saying


The decision is a major victory for gay marriage because it means the federal government must now accept same-sex marriages in the 13 states where they are legally recognized. But what happens when a gay couple married in Hawaii, say, moves to Alabama? Which state's law does the federal government then recognize? Soon enough lower courts will declare state laws barring gay marriage to be illegal, and the Supreme Court will have to revisit the issue.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it normal for the SCOTUS to make decisions that have to be fleshed out in lower courts? Every legal decision sends ripples throughout the legal system.

May Christ Be Magnified - Philippians 1:20 Todd Bowditch