Family Radio: Camping was actually right... it just -looks- like he was wrong

So now all the visible events will happen October 21. ChristianPost story: Family Radio Affirms Harold Camping’s May 21 Prediction in New Post
Family Radio post: What happened on May 21?

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October 22 headline: World Still Here, Camping Mystified

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When the world keeps spinning on Oct 22, I wonder how Camping will keep spinning his ideas. Will it be interpreted as a "spiritual" end of the world? And if so, will he suggest that the Bible is no longer fundamental for life in the new age (God forbid)?

M. Scott Bashoor Happy Slave of Christ

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I'd like to think that the Lord will return prior to Oct. 21 so that he will be wrong, only on the other end of things. The older I get, the more the Lord's return seems like a really great idea.


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the end-of-the-world-proper is still at least 1007 years away Smile I'll take the rapture any day, though.

M. Scott Bashoor Happy Slave of Christ