FBFI: Concerning Child Protection

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I don't know if Chuck Phelps or Matt Olsen or any other fundamentalist leader will ever personally reach out to Tina Anderson, but I for one thank her.  She broke the silence to NO BENEFIT for herself.  And now, years later, we see the beginnings of positive peer pressure among fundamentalist leaders to make sure it never happens again.  I just wish someone from FBFI would realize it's OK (actually it's good and right) to finally admit that Tina was a courageous woman who did the right thing in the end. 


I also thank the abuse victims of Sovereign Grace who came forward.  The cynic in me believes that it was much easier for FBFI to pass such a resolution when it was those blasted reformed charismatics under fire.  The FBFI certainly didn't do it when it was men in their own camp.

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We've changed our terminology, they are called Position Statements now.

Don Johnson
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