When to leave a church

A reader asks Pastor Roger Barrier how to know when it’s time to leave a church. 

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Reasons to leave a church should be compelling, but when the time comes, we shouldn't allow doubt to drag our feet. 

If the pastor does not qualify for his office as per I Tim 3 and Titus 2, or his teachings are inaccurate or questionable, then the proper steps of confrontation and attempts at restoration should be followed first.

However- if the pastor is unresponsive, and others in leadership and in the congregation will not address the pastor's misconduct, then the need to leave is obvious. God has already told us what to do about disobedient brethren- He doesn't want us to pray about whether or not to separate ourselves, He wants us to obey.

I think people fall into a trap of 'praying' about decisions about which God has already given commandments and clear guidelines. Sometimes 'prayer' is an excuse to not take Scriptural action.