The Gospel Coalition: Why We Have Been Silent about the SGM Lawsuit

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Last night I was sent a copy of the court filing:  Motion to Reconsider which was filed by the plaintiffs in the SGM lawsuit.  The filing appears to be a couple of days ago.   I have only skimmed it, but my understanding is this Motion is basically an appeal of the recent ruling in which 9 of the 11 cases were dismissed because of Statute of Limitations.  Maryland has different time lengths on statute of limitations between civil and criminal cases.  This case is a civil lawsuit.  I'll try to report more on this when I get a chance, but wanted to update.  


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I uploaded the recent court filing "Motion to Consider."     At a quick glance, they seem to be appealing the timeframes involved with the Statute of Limitations with regard to the age of majority and also the Conspiracy part of the case.  I still need to go through it in more detail.  Go see for yourself.