Sovereign Grace sex abuse case dismissed

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There have been several articles posted with inaccurate information.  ABP is one of them.  ABP states that the case is dismissed.  That is incorrect.    WJLA has the most accurate article I've seen:  


Because of the confusing articles and also because readers were contacting me, I contacted plaintiff's attorney, Susan Burke, for clarification.  Here is the statement she authorized me to post which is also on my blog and spread elsewhere:

“The case remains pending for two plaintiffs against Maryland defendants. The court dismissed all Virginia defendants.”
~Attorney Susan Burke, May 19, 2013

Most of the lawsuit was dismissed because of a technicality regarding the MD Statute of Limitations.  

While this is currently being tried in civil court, and there are also plans to appeal, there are ongoing criminal investigations from obstruction of justice to rape.  This case is far from over.