SI member, G. N. Barkman, honored for 40 years of service

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in both flock and shepherd.  May He be praised for enabling you to be faithful to Him and His flock.

Discipling God's image-bearers to the glory of God.

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... Pastor Barkman, you began pastoring Beacon Baptist when I was 2. Smile


I think the Lord for your faithful service to the Lord and His people. I am also thankful for the wisdom that you consistently share here on SI. It has been a blessing and a challenge to me. Grace and peace.

Andrew Henderson

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Thanks to SI for posting this story, and thanks to those who have responded kindly.  I knew a story was in the works, but was surprised to open the Tuesday morning newspaper to find my photo on the front page.  I hadn't expected much from the 22 year old reporter, who was an intern from the local university, volunteering time for her last report before graduation.  However, although she misunderstood two or three details, I was pleasantly surprised that she made faithfulness to the Bible the main point of the story.  All praise to God!

The story has generated a bit of "stir" in our local community.  Several called the church office to say they plan to visit soon.  We shall see.

At any rate, we have a celebration planned for this Sunday, May 19, to give praise to God for His grace these forty years.  Our church organ, along with other equipment, was damaged by a lightening bolt last Wednesday, but repaired yesterday in the nick of time.  Whew!  With Dr. Ed Dunbar, organist from BJU coming this weekend, we really needed that organ!  Joan Pinkston, who is also coming, suggested I tell Ed we were only able to obtain a little pump organ to replace the Allen.  I didn't have the heart!

As we highlight "Stones of Remembrance" this Sunday, may God meet with us, and enable us to worship Him in spirit and truth. 

G. N. Barkman

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I believe there will be photos posted on the church website.   <>

Your interest is encouraging.

G. N. Barkman