Mexican Girl Refuses to Have Abortion, Acknowledges Life of Unborn Child

The girl is 11 years old. “Despite the girl’s decision, pro-abortion blogs like Feministing are misreporting the case and saying the girl was ‘refused’ an abortion.” Lifenews

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i think only the catholic news is reporting her as 11. other outlets (like cnn ) say she's only 10. the catholics have an agenda in this kind of story, and if they can't get the girl's age right, i wonder what else they have wrong.

and when you read cna's story , it's nearly a press release for pro-life leader carlos polo.

it's really unclear that the girl had any information about abortion until she was already past the first trimester and the abortion would have been illegal. if true, the child protection agency responsible for her care did effectively deny her an abortion by not allowing her to choose until it was already illegal.

not saying she should or shouldn't carry the baby to term, but i doubt a 10-year-old is physically developed enough for safe delivery.