Cecil the Lion

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“The reality is, the worst thing you can do for a big game animal is to no longer hunt it. I realize that notion might not sit well with some, but it’s true. No animal in this country has ever gone extinct due to modern, regulated sport hunting. In fact, the opposite is true as they have instead flourished under the North American Wildlife Conservation model…
The reality is, human beings are part of the circle of life and there is no more humane way to manage wildlife than through hunting…
Mother Nature is not pretty as some suggest. Animals don’t just grow old and then walk off to die in their sleep surrounded by loved ones. Death in the wild often means being ripped apart by a predator while struggling to escape or dying of starvation or disease. Quite often, it is slow, painful and hideous…
In addition to the importance of hunting to conservation, it also provides nearly $90 billion economic impact per year in the U.S. alone. Much of that money gets plowed back into conservation efforts that not only help game animals, but all wildlife. In countries like South Africa, money derived from hunting is critically needed to support efforts to stop poaching and the uncontrolled killing of wildlife. There are dozens of other benefits to the people as well, which deserves attention itself.”
-Nick Pinizzotto, president, U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance.

It is tragic to see people crying over a lion,
while unconcerned about thousands of unborn babies being cruelly killed, dismembered, and the body parts sold by Planned Parenthood.

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"The Bible says much about hunting and without one derogatory word," said Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. "But it is not just hunting at issue. Fishing and the eating of any kind of meat is at issue since [with] all of these, [animals] must die in order to feed people. The Bible makes it clear that the animals were given to men to meet their various needs including food. I do distinguish between killers and hunters. I always taught my children that we use every animal taken. Skinning a rattlesnake, a porcupine and a skunk underscored all of this for my children. They discovered that clothing and in many cases food can be gained but that each creature is God's artistic creation."

The preciousness of God's creation requires that humans "not just go out and shoot up the countryside," Patterson, a veteran of some 20 African hunts, told Baptist Press in written comments. "Almost all the animals taken in Africa go to the poor of the countries to eat, for which, particularly in Zimbabwe, they are most grateful."

Patterson denounced illegal hunting and said if any laws were broken related to Palmer's hunt, "the local outfitter and professional hunter" should be prosecuted. He added that "a man is innocent until proven guilty and rush to judgment is in this case, as [in] all others, unwise."

Patterson called much of the press' outrage over Cecil's death "the ultimate in hypocrisy," noting the relative lack of concern for aborted babies whose body parts have been sold by Planned Parenthood and for the evils perpetrated against the Zimbabwean people by President Robert Mugabe.

-Dr. Paige Patterson, president, SWBTS


David R. Brumbelow

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What a cheap shot by Trueman. This will probably cause more intransigence against Christians because of poor alignment of the issues. Does anyone really think anyone sets out and wants to abort a pregnancy? Yes, I know those abortionists want to protect their jobs and say its not human, the fetus, but those getting an abortion are deeply hurt. I like you believe abortion is wrong but comparing the killing of an almost beloved pet to abortion makes that argument foolish. It amazes me how some want to refer back to their own pet issues (no pun intended).


In this post I am not so much aligning with the PETA folks or vegetarians but poor argumentation by by Christians who ought to know better. I am (or was) a hunter myself trying to bow hunt invasive porcines destroying habitat by their rooting in Hawaii. Due to an injury I am not able to continue. Wild pigs in Hawaii are real tasty by the way also, so I eat meat also. This is not about hunters and game.

Did this dentist need to clothe himself with the lion mane? What a pathetic argument by Patterson. No one human ate any of that lion meat either.

The bible doesn't condemn hunting so its alright? Again, poor argument. It really makes me wonder how some folks read their bibles to justify their positions. Its like they think the bible was written specifically to them and for our generation, of course in one sense it was, but not how they think it was.

Of course I will not convince you but want to show the public that not all Christians reason the way you, Patterson, or Trueman do.

This hunter destroyed a tourist attraction and a near pet it sounds like to me. Its just a cheap shot to portray it in the way you 3 have done.

This was not really a burning issue with me at all (though, rightly, I was somewhat outraged). I am reacting to the pathetic defense you 3 have presented. It shows much how and what some defend.

"Our faith itself... is not our saviour. We have but one Saviour; and that one Saviour is Jesus Christ our Lord.  B.B. Warfield