Police arrest missionary for Valentine's Day slaying of wife

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PEORIA —  What does a preacher do when a beacon of light turns shockingly dark?

 From the pulpit, that can be a tough challenge. That question — one of many — came to my mind upon Wednesday’s arrest of Nathan Leuthold. He is accused of killing his wife, Denise Leuthold, 39, on Valentine’s Day.

 The slaying and arrest bring an abrupt end to the couple’s 15 years of frequent missionary work in Lithuania. There, with their three children, the Leutholds started Baptist churches and other outreach projects.

 The family attended LaMarsh Baptist Church in Mapleton, but their missionary work was supported by other area churches. On Wednesday, the website for Cornerstone Baptist Church in Groveland still listed the couple among its roster of missionaries.


Greg Linscott
Marshall, MN

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I believe he is a Hyles grad.  I can't remember the mission board.


Roger Carlson, Pastor
Berean Baptist Church