Cameron Strang: "I don't personally know any Christians under the age of 40 who pay attention to Focus on the Family or James Dobson."

Focus on the Family Seeks Broader Tent

On maintaining Focus’s influence—and donor base—after Dr. Dobson’s retirement:

Jim Daly (Focus on the Family): “Most of Focus’s activities don’t have much to do with [Dr. James Dobson ]. Our magazines, our pregnancy resource centers, our pastor-to-pastor outreach… our abstinence and character education, none of that has his stamp on it. None of it except the 30-minute radio show. The rest of it is all managed by our team. That’s what gives me hope that Focus will move forward.”

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The only aspect of Focus on the Family that we have found useful or worth while is The Truth Project and True U DVD series. Other than that they are irrelevant to me, and like the title claims, I too can't think of anyone under 40 who cares about FotF (other than The Truth Project).

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