FOTF's Jim Daly: "we now see attempts to silence people of faith "

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What's interesting to me is that the debate in the court over this seems to center over the consequences of mis-defining marriage, not the law, and whether it is tenable to argue that the writers and approvers of the 14th Amendment--all of whom were involved in enforcing sodomy laws as far as I can tell--somehow would use their magnum opus to mis-define marriage.  It is also disappointing to see that people are not pointing out that marriage law is not because government is all about wedding cakes, bouquets, and ice sculptures, but rather about sorting out the mess that is left when a relationship ends and minimizing damage to vulnerable parties like women/mothers and children, and about preventing the demonstrable harms of polygamy and adultery.  

Note that we lost the battle on adultery decades ago--it's hardly mentioned anymore as a justification for divorce and "swingers" are going public--and now we are poised to subvert the primary reason for family law, the protection of the weak.  Next up; polygamy, and then people will wonder why powerful polygamists are working to get the potential husbands for their wives sent off to war or castrated.  

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