The Beards of Ministry - A field guide for pastoral facial hair

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Not recognizing the corrupting power of The Goatee is a huge mistake.

Oh, sure – it’s starts innocently enough – just a few whiskers – extra hair on the face –really, what could be the harm?

That’s when the backsliding begins.

During the 1950’s and 1960’s, conservative Christian organizations banned the goatee, along with any other type of facial hair (I think there were exceptions for covering deformities, i.e., “hair lip.”) During this time facial hair was banned, not because it went contrary to Holy Writ, but because facial hair was considered an outward sign of inner rebellion, i.e., beatniks, hippies, rock-n-rollers, Jesus Freaks, etc. The 1970’s & 80’s kept the ban in place because Christian men were to be “show windows” – clean shaven, well groomed and professional – perfection inside and out.

To demonstrate the paranoia regarding facial hair, during the mid-70’s at Bob Jones University, men who grew beards, goatees, etc. to be extras in the BJU “Unusual Films” motion picture Sheffey had to wear badges on their shirts or lapels stating that they were allowed to have facial hair for the purpose of being in the film which was set in the 19th Century.

Now, apparently, many Christian men in their eagerness to “stand out”, disregard the previous generation’s eschewing of facial hair and have joined other “liberal” Christians and quasi-Christians in reclaiming the goatee as a mark of regeneration -- what I refer to as “The Christian Man Goatee.”

Unfortunately, like hooves, horns and pointed tails, goatees have been claimed by Evil –

– and there’s no redemption possible.

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Deducing from your avatar, looks like you need some growth "on top"

Here's my default corporate photo ... explains how the Peter Principle is the Peet principle (who would want to hire a guy that looks like that!)!





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Got me chortling at that word.

And... Post-Evangelical Stubble too!

Hirsute Demeanors: Evidence of Spirituality? I think so!

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Since I have had a goatee since about 2000 (and in fact, I've not been clean shaven since graduating from college in '85), I need to remember and use that Spurgeon quote!

Dave Barnhart