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"In this story there is a real evil, real danger, real pain. And, more importantly, real hope and real joy. I felt the story showed respect to the feelings and thinking of kids: it avoided cloying, no-fall-ever-happened saccharinity; and yet it didn’t over-burden the kids with darkness." - Mark Ward

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We started reading the "Green Ember" series to our kids a few years ago.  It has become a tradition for me to read at least one of SD Smith's books out loud to the boys each year during our camping vacation.  We have read 3 books in the main series and 2 of the prequels.  We already have one ready for next year's camping trip.  

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Looking forward to picking this one up if I can get it in audio. I have found that a great kid's story is just a great story, and it doesn't matter how old you are.

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Aaron,  His books are on Audible!  Amazon carries them as well. 

Just so people know- His first book is much slower than the others.  Stick with the story.  He really develops as a writer after the first book.  The first book is pretty important to the story, so don't skip it!    
 Sam has stated that these books and their side series (Some call them prequels-though The Last Archer isn't a prequel) are meant to be read in publication order. 
*Green Ember
The Black Star of Kingsdon (Tales of Old Natalia book 1)
*Ember Falls
The Last Archer (A Green Ember Story)
*Ember Rising
The Wreck and Rise of Witson Mariner (Tales of Old Natalia book 2)

There is going to be one more book written for the "main" storyline.  I would guess that he would do another of the little "side series/Old Natalia" books as well, but don't know that for sure.  

Like JD said....We are kinda fans over here.  Our boys love the books and always beg me to buy the next one as soon as they hit on Kickstarter.  LOL
We got Wreck and Rise in the mail as soon as they came out and it is sitting here taunting us.  We have several months until our family vacation..... The boys aren't so sure we should wait.