Moving Away from Music-Specific Services

“I believe churches should move away from these kinds of services. My reason is simple: music-specific services actively promote division in the body of Christ.” - 9 Marks


I recently talked to someone in a Christian-oriented business who said that Christian groups who used their facility invariably brought their own music. I hope the author is right that music can be moved away from as a point of division. However, it feels an awful lot like the music and the church is more like the tail wagging the dog. Believers I know often pick the church because of music like they pick a Christian radio station based on its genre of music.

if you sing “contemporary” music at most evangelical churches in the US then you are going to invariably sing Bethel and Hillsong music. That won’t go over well with some.

Then if you sing a hymn, it is one of those where they take the first verse of the hymn, then branch off into a contemporary verse newly written to sound “cool”, and then finishes back at the original. You don’t often see contemporary services sing a straight hymn or older spiritual song.