When the State Came for My Niece

"Her story was heartbreaking and the conviction of being a boy was not as solid as everyone portrayed. If only she had a good counselor or one Christian friend who would listen to her. Then we asked to share our thoughts with her. We started with creation and ended with redemption. No one had ever told her that story before." - Crosspolitic

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Thank you for posting it.  I think it will be a valuable read with my public school daughters who face this to a much greater degree than I can imagine.

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Thanks for the note. It's been interesting talking w/teens in SS about this topic a few times over the last several months. There doesn't seem to be much going on with the second sexual revolution out here in our rural school district... or the kids are tuning it out. Most of them didn't know what LGBTQ+ meant. But I think it's important to try to frame these issues biblically ahead of time as much as possible. There are two errors I'm interested in avoiding: (1) classifying people who struggle with confusion (gender dysphoria) and sin (homosexual conduct) in these areas as being in some kind of different category from the rest of us sinners, and (2) characterizing affirmation of all sorts of self-destructive behavior as the loving thing to do and muddying the difference between inclinations vs. choices/behaviors.

All kinds of sinners need the gospel, and humans are just humans. We're called to meet all of them where they are and help them see where they can be in Christ.