Open letter: cooperation needed amid SBC tensions

"Controversy surrounding ethicist Russell Moore's past comments on President-elect Donald Trump has led three Tennessee Baptists -- all under the age of 40 -- to issue an open letter calling 'the [conservative] resurgence generation and their protégés' to 'be the statesmen we need them to be in this season of denominational tension.'"

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Statesman is usually a term for elected officials....

In any case, the gist seems to be "let's pretend the SBC doesn't have strong disagreement on anything," which is pretty silly. The disagreement won't cease to exist if everybody stops talking. It'll just be hidden--and possibly quietly getting much worse.

As for Moore, he called it on Trump, and he needs to keep calling it. Trump needs him (and others) to keep calling it, and certainly many of Trump's naive fans do.