Pastor Greg Locke Slams Evangelicals Who Believe There Are Multiple Ways to Heaven

"Two months after the Rev. Shannon Johnson Kershner, leader of the second-largest congregation in the Presbyterian Church USA, declared that Christianity is not the only way to Heaven, popular internet preacher Greg Locke is firing back" CPost

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Since when is the (mainline, liberal, apostate) PCUSA considered to be "evangelical" in theology & belief?

Bert Perry's picture that the PCUSA seems to be split about evenly on the matter, according to the article.  I'd agree with Larry that the train of liberalism in the PCUSA left the station a long, long time ago--really a century or more--and that exactly what Locke hopes to do by rebuking them for this is unclear.  

But that said, I praise God that there is a subcurrent of Biblical thought even now in this denomination in the same way that there is in the United Methodists I grew up with.

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