Why Our Childrens Ministries Should Be More Like Mr. Rogers and Less Like Disney

As director of the Awana program at my church, I really appreciated this article. It’s easy to mistakenly think that I need to make sure the kids are “excited” to come to Awana, but Mr. Rogers never tried to manufacture excitement.

There’s a lot of truth in this article.

What helped me as young person? My (Christian) parents were there; they listened; they talked to me. I had a Christian aunt and uncle who likewise engaged with me. During the church coffee break, the men of the church would ask me questions and listen and engage with my answers.

I’m sure I learned stuff and benefited from youth group Bible times, camp, and activities.

But I think I owe far more to the adults who were willing to just “do life” with me.

Michael Osborne
Philadelphia, PA