Children's Ministry

Youth ministries must view children as ‘participants,' not 'consumers': Barna Group CEO

"David Kinnaman, who leads the prominent faith-based polling firm founded by Evangelical pollster George Barna, gave a video presentation Thursday at the Awana Child Discipleship Forum about the five shifts he believes are needed to renew children's ministries." - C.Post

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10 Safeguards for Church Nurseries and Children’s Ministry

"Although the local church cannot end sexual abuse altogether, churches can take preventive measures to ensure the safety of their youngest members during church events. Below are ten recommendations to help reduce the likelihood that sexual abuse will occur in your church’s nursery and kids ministry areas." - Church Answers

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Counseling Children Who Have Professed Faith in Christ

"When doubts or questions arise, parents should take advantage of these teachable moments by unpacking the hope-giving truths of the gospel. Even if the child is genuinely a believer, it certainly won’t hurt them to hear the promises of the gospel afresh." - Rooted Thinking

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58 percent of ‘highly engaged’ Christian parents choose a church mainly for the kids’ programs

"The [Barna Research] report noted that when asked if 'children’s program is the primary reason for church choice,' 22 percent of respondents who were 'highly engaged' said they 'strongly agree' while 36 percent said they “somewhat agree." - Christian Post

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