Student Leaders at Wheaton College Declare African American Pro-Life Speaker Caused Them to Feel 'Unsafe'

"Wheaton College Republicans asked Ryan Bomberger to speak at 'Black Lives Matter, In and Outside the Womb,' an event held on campus....'Planned Parenthood was birthed in eugenic racism. They've never severed that timeline. They never severed that connection. How do you sever from your past if every year you give out the Margaret Sanger award?'" - Christian Headlines

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Is anyone really surprised by this reaction from Wheaton student leaders? Situations like this reveal what is really happened on some (maybe more than some) Christian college campuses.

Wally Morris

Charity Baptist Church

Huntington, IN

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Student leaders, while leaders, are by definition....students, students who excel in the political process, not particularly the thinking process.  What is a surprise to me is that leaders at all institutions--fundamental, evangelical, liberal, secular, it shouldn't matter--aren't taking more of an interest in pulling student leaders aside and saying something like this:

Young man/lady, the reality here is that we are an institution of higher learning, and part of that experience depends on you being willing to hear views which differ from yours.  For you to be educated, your response ought not simply be "that offends me" or "I appreciate that", but rather that you have investigated the matter for yourself and determined that the claim is true, false, or disputable--and then we can proceed to offense and such if a claim is found to be so false that no man of sound mind ought to have made that claim.  

If you proceed directly to "offense" at opinions which differ from yours, you are many things, but "educated" is not among them.

For obvious reasons, I'm not holding my breath waiting to hear that from any school not named "Hillsdale", "Grove City", or similar schools.  :^)

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