A Better Jerusalem

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I respect the work of the guys over at Ref21, but there is much more at stake here than politics. We are not free to tell everyone what matters and doesn't matter when God Himself has revealed to us what matters. And in His revelation of Himself very little matters more than the fact that He keeps His promises and is worthy of absolute trust. A physical, earthly Jerusalem peopled by Jews and a reigning Christ is among those promises.

The citizenship in of believers in the New Jerusalem is only a part of "what matters."

But is the current issue of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the modern state of Israel theologically important? Not particularly. It's historically and morally important though. Israel is the only nation in the world that has been expected to survive under the conditions it's been expected to survive under. There isn't really any good reason not to let it have its capital city as entirely its own. Doing less just isn't right.

And in the Christian faith what's right matters also, and matters "ultimately."