Christians spend about five times more mission dollars on issues related to poverty than they do on evangelism and church planting

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Very powerful statement by D.A. Carson.  

"Judging by the distribution of American mission dollars, the biggest hole in our gospel is the gospel itself."

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Explains why stewardship doesn’t end with giving of the money: Must ask (research) tough questions:

  • What is the mission of the organization?
  • Does its spending priorities match (as closely as possible) the mission?
  • Is the organization¬†transparent with its finances: Can the donor readily access statements such as last year’s Income and Expense Statement, A current Balance Sheet, an this year’s budget? Is this information available on the organization’s website (if not why!)?
  • Are Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) followed?
  • Are the books annually audited by a organization (like an accounting firm) external to that organization? Is the audit information public? (The EBM disaster is a case to point!)
  • Is the organization accountable to the some external integrity organization? (like the ECFA)

Conclusion: Give with the heart … but also with the head!