When A Pastor Commits Suicide

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Read through the pastor's life story--depression, working a job to support his pastoral habit, being shepherd of a dwindling church, etc..--and see if any thoughts come up.  This is well worth the read.

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Who has been in the ministry for a significant period of time without becoming depressed?  I have been depressed when the ministry seemed to be going well when measured by the 3 B's (bodies, bucks, and buildings), but conflict was at every corner.  I have been depressed when people have attacked me, left the church, blamed me for declining numbers, etc., etc.  

While many of us respond to ministry depression with thoughts of leaving the ministry, those prone to depression (and this man was medicated for it) can easily turn to thoughts of suicide.  It is tragic!  Unfortunately, pastors are people too, with all the weaknesses we associate with humanity.

If there is a lesson, it might be this: there can be a time to leave ministry.  Unfortunately, many of us do not have a skill set that makes us easily employable in other fields.  

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