“Suicide may be the tenth leading cause of death for Americans, but it is the second leading cause of death for teenagers.”

"That is why I want to invite pastors and counselors to attend this year’s Association of Certified Biblical Counselors Conference. This conference will be devoted to assisting the church of Jesus Christ in its ministry to those dealing with suicide." - Cripplegate

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I had the privilege of leading a couple of young men in a study about pornography, its effects, and how to mitigate/eliminate them, and one thing that came out as the author discussed was that one of the young men had some serious, undiagnosed mental health issues.  Thankfully, I quickly realized I was in over my head, I found some people who would not be so "immersed" in the reality that could help him.

(put another way, if you want to deal with suicide, start dealing first with the realities of life and by taking mental health seriously)

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