Some churches are countering the trend of Black Friday shopping and materialism by promoting "Bless Friday"

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I volunteered one Thanksgiving for a homeless ministry. I spent 3 solid hours scrubbing disposable turkey tins that I could have picked up for a song if I had gone shopping on black Friday. Plus, there is no way to get them clean enough (in my opinion) to store to reuse the next year. Probably knocked off a few of the homeless with ecoli.

We find great bargains on needed items every Black Friday. The savings allow us to be wise with our money and give more to missions. This year we went out Thur evening. We found people much more pleasant than the times we've gone early Friday morning, I guess since they were full of turkey dinner and not awakened early and in need of coffee. Smile


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The issue is not what day one shops (as for me I don't shop at all ... never in stores). The issue is being a good steward of all that God grants us to be a steward over. 

Obviously buying the right thing for the best price (all things considered .. transportation, time ... etc) is good! But buying something that is not needed is poor stewardship no matter what price.