"We want this to be about ministry again at a very basic level," said Comiskey. "Not about sound bites, press conferences, and drama TV."

Exodus International Fragments Over Focus
“Ex-gay coalition shifts from reparative therapy to discipleship after losing prominent partners.”

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In Chambers's estimation, the Exodus metamorphosis has simply meant shifting from a therapy-centric model to one focused on discipleship. The transition has earned him more than a few heated theological interactions, especially over his repeated statements that sinful behavior does not affect or interrupt one's relationship with Jesus.


"Openly rejecting change as an objective [in sexual orientation therapy] is more in keeping with the evidence," said Warren Throckmorton, a Grove City College professor and outspoken critic of reparative therapy. "I don't think it does any violence to any cardinal doctrines of [evangelical] faith."

Very sad. Professing believers just keep giving ground. You NEVER see opposition to truth giving ground on anything. 

Why is it that my voice always seems to be loudest when I am saying the dumbest things?