“Extreme climate events are becoming neither more intense nor more frequent”

"Diagnostic tools that chart the frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones globally and regionally — such as their number and the energy associated with them — show a cyclic pattern to hurricane activity but no long-term trend."  Climate Change and the Christian Faith

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Great article from an outstanding organization.  

David R. Brumbelow

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I remember a huge firestorm breaking out when I responded to an IEEE article on climatology by pointing out that the current data were within the historic range and moreover were not violating Western Electric rules.  There is a huge benefit to be had by subjecting this kind of data to the same kind of control chart that factories use--the blessing there is that there are quick, easy rules of thumb which tell people that they shouldn't be messing with the process.

Obviously those in favor of the IPCC disagreed heartily with me.  That noted, it's also worth noting that the banning of Lance Armstrong was achieved when the athletic federation started control charting things like blood iron, red blood cells, testosterone, and the like.  More or less, the correlation of Armstrong's numbers to know events was blatantly contradicted by what any good doctor would have assumed would have happened, and the gig was up for him and about 19 of the past 21 Tour De France winners.

Subjecting the models to statistical tests is really, really powerful if done right, and that's why the IPCC doesn't do it.

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