Here are the top five in the SI Fantasy Football League based on win/loss record and most points earned:
1. Brian Cooper (9-3)
2. Jay Camp (9-3)
3. Thomas Pryde (8-4)
4. Frank Sansone (7-5)
5. Michael Snyder (7-5)
Yet another newcomer makes his Top Five debut: Michael Snyder beat out Steve Bradley this week in points to earn the #5 slot.  There are only 2 more weeks of games before playoffs begin.  The top 4 teams in each division will go on to the playoff rounds.  With 4 teams tied for 2nd place in the West and 4 teams tied for 3rd place in the East, it’s anybody’s guess who will make the playoffs!  Stay tuned for an important Week 13.
You can take the smack talk here.

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