Why It’s Hard to Worship with Pop Music Styles

"...this style is specifically designed for solo artists, which means that it does not lend itself well to congregational singing.  It is also written to be a performance for an audience, which means that it does not lend itself well to corporate worship." - Veith

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....that modern music styles would go without "ad-libbing", "oohs" and "ahs", and the like.  This objection would then be moot, wouldn't it?  My objections to much modern music include the "ad-libbing"--really the fact that the congregation becomes almost solely responsible to pick up what the melody is--but also that too much of it is in the category of emotive response and seems to lack the teaching and doctrine that one sees in the Psalms and other poetry of Scripture.  

(not that there isn't a place for some emotive response, but a response implies a stimulus, and all too often the stimulus is just not there)

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