Is a 50/50 Division of Household Labor Ideal?

"Different couples have different skills and interests. But aiming for a 50/50 split in household labor, childcare, and paid work seems to me to be a misguided goal. There is no formula that results in a 'fair' or 'equal' marriage" - IFS

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While the 50/50 split may not be a technically reasonable approach.  I agree with the 100/100.  Each partner should be invested and do their part to ensure that 100% of everything is done.  I am tired of going to churches where we have a meal list going around because the wife is under the weather.  Or we pray for a husband having to do laundry or chores while the wife is sick.  If a man cannot feed his family without needing to have a meal list go around at church there is something seriously wrong with that man.

I would also say that if both parents have a high paced demanding career that the completion of tasks by each partner is less of an issue than time.  Time is the one thing that we cannot get back.  Someone shouldn't feel pressured because they don't do yard work, but they pay someone to do the yard.

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As we try to stress to our kids, a high-functioning family requires them not to focus on "what's my duty vs what's your duty"; but rather, "when something needs done, you do it."