D.C. Bureaucrats Are Trying to Make Parents Get a License to Let Children Play Together

"According to government officials in Washington, DC, arrangements like this are violations of the law. They are cracking down on what they call an illegal 'child development facility' operating without a license." - Intellectual Takeout

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The District of Columbia has some very extensive requirements for daycares, infamously including at least a proposal that daycare workers be required to get a college degree to work daycare.  Since regulatory compliance is not free, that means a lot of families are indeed "finding a way around it" by doing things like this.  The District is rightly infamous for taking regulatory steps which have nothing to do with safety--one example being a rather onerous regulation of homeschooling that simply ignores the fact that the supposed "reason" for regulation was that their own "state" social services department blew off a very real need to investigate a family where the mother eventually killed her children.  

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