In 50 years: No denominations .... In America 200 well-known preachers will be the new brands

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The author is colossally ignorant of anything outside of his immediate experience, it seems with his "Grudem-prophecy".

No doubt for some the model he describes will be an attraction because it is today. But in spite of his delusional prediction of a monochrome
evangelical landscape it is precisely this real but limited phenomenon of mega-churches that will insure smaller autonomous bodies rising up who are not satisfied, one way or the other, with such programs. Never minding his complete dismissal of any consideration of denominations led by serious men who have and will resist such models. Obviously he does not take to being informed by history.

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He states, that these 200 or so preachers will exhibit 1)God's spirit, 2) amazing communication skill's and 3) ambition.


From the examples he states and the pastors that we have seen in these megachurches, we know that 1) is either non-existent or pretty lacking, 2) has nothing to do with the qualifications for this position (i.e. Moses, Edwards....), and that #3 is probably the only one that he hits the nail on the head, although for all of the wrong reasons.  Each of these people have ambitions, but for other things.


He further, states that this will mean that, "people will place an emphasis on sermon quality".  I am not sure if he has heard a Joel Osteen sermon or not.  What he probably means is that "people will begin to accept a 'feel-good' motivational speech that makes use of a misplaced or out of context verse".


He also states, that there will be less discontent with the quality of the preaching.  All I can say is that if your standards are this low, than quality is really not the issue.  Besides, instead of discontent with the quality of the preaching, they may start getting discontent with how many millions of dollars that the extended family of the preacher is getting from their "consulting" services.