35 lessons from 35 years as a pastor

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Makes me appreciate my pastor all the more, and 95% of it applies to any Christian, not just pastors!

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Having recently retired, I appreciated these insights. Let me add a few more. 

If we permit God's grace to minister to and through us, we can greatly minister after we have been greatly hurt

In words attributed to John Newton, " The older I become, the more I am convinced of two truths: I am a great sinner, and I have a great Savior"

Leadership,is influence, not managerial control

Being is more important than doing. 

Invest ministry in people for the sake of serving God, not for their praise.  Then, you will never be disappointed.

Dick Dayton

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Been pastoring altogether for 35 years, 29 of which at FBC Troy.  Your comments are insightful and edifying, as were the comments in the article.

Pastor Mike Harding

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Hey, everyone! Take a breather from the alcohol thread and come over to read this article. Very insightful and refreshing. I have far fewer years of ministry experience than the author, but his points ring very true.

Michael Osborne
Philadelphia, PA

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As a PK I completely understand this list.  Much of this list flies in the face of much of today's emphasis on the Big Show type of ministry.  There is a lot to be respected and honored about the pastors & their wives who labor and toil in small churches for years without seeing much visible fruit.  Yet they still minister faithfully to those in jail, to the members of their church, to the teen they know who is pregnant, mowing the church grass, & shoveling the church sidewalks, etc, etc.

The best thing we can do as church members is to be a loyal (not the same as blind) church member who is a blessing and encouragement to our pastor.  Few things are as draining and discouraging as a high maintenance church member.  We need to be there through thick & thin, lifting up our pastor's arms, showing them we will always be there by their side. 


We need to see ourselves as called to our church and our pastor every bit as much as they are called to our church and us.


M.Osborne, agreed about the alcohol thread . . . . wow.