Mount Clemens Michigan asking 26 churches for donations to city government

Debt Rising, a City Seeks Donations in Michigan

“[These ] are all services that they utilize at no cost to them”

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Wow...what a bogus request. First, I know of no cities that do not charge tax-exempt organizations "fees" for everything from fire protection to building lift stations for the sewage. So the idea that they do not contribute to the bottom line of the cities budget it ludicrous and in error. Secondly, every member of those congregations or people served by those hospitals pay millions in property and sales taxes each year. They provide vital community services just the like the government does -- are they going to request that the Library, community center, senior's building, etc... also start charging so that they can contribute to the budget as well?

Why is it that governments are so reticent to do what private businesses have been doing for years --- reduce payroll, cut salaries, defer projects, eliminate waste, increase efficiency, downsize, etc.... I smell a union interest or three in here as well.

Just saying.

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Just another step toward loss of tax exempt status.

Why is it that my voice always seems to be loudest when I am saying the dumbest things?

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Some are and some aren't. It varies country by country. But in this country -- there is a historical, constitutional and legal precedent issue that says churches are tax exempt. Keeping in mind that the power to tax is the power to control -- fighting over this issue is a good thing to do. Once that wall is violated, it won't just be property taxes. It could include an "income" tax on all donations and more.

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