Video: Atheists Don't Have No Songs

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I posted this clip at one of my other forums and asked the atheist member there what he thought of it. We got into an interesting discussion about whether or not there actually are atheist songs. The only one he could think of was Imagine by John Lennon.

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they still get it right. An atheist will never sing a song of faith- they have rock&roll and football and Sundays free to live for themselves. That's not a very good commercial for atheism IMO.

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I'm sure they didn't intend any serious reflection but... you'd think the fact that atheism inspires so little art would give atheists pause. I'm sure many of them would say (quite incorrectly) that atheism also has inspired very little war, destruction and oppression.

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Relative to both the quantity and quality of religious music (even just Christian), I'm willing to go with "no songs"... and with a little "poetic license" thrown in.