Quick Facts About Protestantism on Its 500th Birthday

"Protestants constituted 37 percent of Christians worldwide in 2010. It comes second to Catholics, which make up 50 percent of Christians all over the globe." WRN

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Whoever decided that "Christian" means Catholic? Or that Catholics are Christians? That surely muddies the water. So maybe we need a different name for ourselves since the world appears to have accepted all Catholics as Christians. While growing up, I had never heard Catholics referred to as Christians until I went overseas on a missions trip. In recent years, the terminology has become this way more and more. Just shows the evolution of terminology, I suppose.

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Roman Catholics generally consider themselves Christians.  The majority of people in the West usually refer to Roman Catholics as Christians.  But people who have been saved out of a Roman Catholic background seldom, if ever, refer to their former condition as Christian.  They used to be Catholics, but now they are Christians.

I'm going with the converted former Roman Catholics perspective.

G. N. Barkman