New Muppets 'too toxic for children,' PTC says

"In a study of 'The Muppets,' the Parents Television Council reports that the new TV show includes a preponderance of sexual innuendos and other offensive content not suited for children."

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....that when Katy Perry (no relation) co-hosted Sesame Street, she'd actually clean it up a bit?

Seriously, if you google "what kinds of sexual innuendos are used in the new Muppet Show", you'll get some explanation of why my wisecrack isn't as false as it should be.   

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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something along the lines of 'adult jokes in kid's movies' you will never want to watch a cartoon ever again. And Disney is about the worst for double entendre, plus some really blatant stuff I don't even want to link to. I remember watching Bugs Bunny and Tom & Jerry when my kids were little, and realizing how much risqué humor there was. Sheesh!

It's one thing for there to be jokes that would go over the kid's heads but their parents would get, and quite another for there to be dirty jokes that only adults would understand.