Mohler warns Dave Chappelle controversy has implications for religious liberty

“The uproar over Dave Chappelle’s latest comedy special has ramifications for Christian institutions in the U.S., argues Dr. Al Mohler….Chappelle targets multiple people groups with his special, but is making headlines mainly for his crude jokes about trans individuals, jokes many see as harmful.” - C.Leaders


Headline of the article is unfortunate. My first reaction was apparently everything is a matter of religious liberty now! But “implications”… can see that. Still not the direction I would go w/that controversy. It’s about a cultural problem, not a constitutional matter, and cultural problems are not usually solved (or even mitigated) by appeals to law. And we aren’t serving religious liberty by constantly expanding it into matters that aren’t RL matters.

Views expressed are always my own and not my employer's, my church's, my family's, my neighbors', or my pets'. The house plants have authorized me to speak for them, however, and they always agree with me.

….which is of course also protected, but I’m guessing that if push came to shove, Chappelle would point to his Muslim faith as a justification as well. Either way, it ought to be Constitutionally protected.

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