Iain Murray to Calvinists: "Just let the Scripture speak."

“The danger is if we become reformed… Calvinistic… we would hate anyone to think that we were Arminian. And sometimes, that leads men to be far more… circumscribed than they ought to be. You know, we quote the text ‘Not for our sins only- propitiation- not for our sins only, but for the sins of the whole world.’ Well, sometimes, when you hear a Calvinist quote that text, he can’t leave the text. He has to put in brackets, ‘Doesn’t mean this, doesn’t mean that.’ We shouldn’t do that! Just let the Scripture speak. When we’re talking about the breadth of God’s love, and width of the Gospel, don’t start to put up fences.”
From the recent 9 Marks Interview “Great Lessons from Great Men w/Iain Murray”

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