The problem of moral evil: Calvinism vs. Molinism

"As to each of the men’s positions, White is a reformed theologian (i.e., a Calvinist) while Craig espouses Molinism. Both affirmed the Westminster Confession of Faith’s stand on God and evil (section 5.4)." - CPost

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I have long been familiar with the "concepts" of Molinism, but was unfamiliar with its history and did not even recognize the term.  It seems that in the circles I have been in, many want to either label someone a Calvinist or Arminianist.  I find this to be an interesting discussion.  In my quick research I noticed that like dispensationalism there is room for a variety of belief among those who adapt Molinism.

I also found it interesting that as I have been preaching through John, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead so that some would believe.  That seems to support some of the ideas of the Molinists.  I have not yet listened to the debate above, but am looking forward to it.  Based on the summary in the article I think there is room to listen to both sides of that debate without holding firmly to either debater's position.  My hope is that such debates would sharpen iron and help the debaters to come to a more Biblical position rather than hardening peoples positions for one side or the other.  

I personally find things within both Molinism and Calvinism to be supported and things in both to question.  I have long held that God knows all- even the what if's- and that he is powerful enough to know how to affect our lives with his intervention.  That is why I pray for the unsaved.  I also believe that he allows us to make a certain amount of choice in life, but also has the power to veto those choices any time he decides to and that he often does.  To add confusion to the discussion is how often people confuse fatalism and Calvinism.